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Winter rain!

Winter rain - hope there's no mail today!

Hope there’s no mail today!

We’ve had a bit of rain over the last few weeks, 2 – 4mm here and there. Last night we got 43mm and there was 15mm in the gauge at lunch. The tanks are filling fast ( our house is on tank water, no mains)  but at this point the lawn, paddocks and driveway are very soggy, standing water 5mm deep most places, with some small streams like the one up there. It’s a really good opportunity to put on the gumboots and have a good look around – I’ll be taking a pen and paper out when the rain stops to record the worst spots and probably rethink some design flaws.

We have silt on top of clay here, with river pebbles liberally mixed through, so digging and drainage are problematic. So far I’ve made mounds and raised beds for fruit trees and vegies and it’s worked well. Swales are the next step – the first one planned is alongside the road by the driveway. There’s a depression there but most of the neighbours have a deeper wider one than ours so we’ll be digging it out to match. Shallow enough for mowers and tractors but should hold more water and stop the flow over the driveway.

We also plan to move the letterbox – it’s inconvenient to have a moat every time it rains heavily and it’s smack where the ditch starts.

Driveway normally

Driveway normally


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