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Serious blogging stuff

I’d planned to start a gardening blog, since gardening is one of my favourite things to do, and it was going to be serious and helpful and full of useful stuff. I actually set it up, then left it there, empty, for a week.

Serious isn’t really my thing. Information, yes. Links to good stuff, yummy recipes, reviews of my favourite brands – not ones you’re likely to know, I’m not a big fan of shopping, or clothes with a name splashed across it, just stuff that really works.

I also like permaculture and food forests, hugelkulture, meringues, minimalism and good financial management. Also guinea pigs.

I’m a stay at home mum (does it still count when your kid is at school all day? Home duties implies housework, home maker suggests sewing and preserving and yummy food making, to me at least) Maybe a stay at home wife? Lucky, lucky woman? That one works for me.

There are a bucketload of excellent blogs out there, about gardening, cooking, money¬† management, permaculture and minimalism,¬† so I figured I’d just amuse myself and hopefully a few other people with this blog.

I plan to document my garden a bit, link to the best websites and blogs and make a database of useful plants. Useful to me, anyway, and if you need a plant that can handle drought and waterlogging, high winds, frost and the occasional cow munching on it, useful to you too.


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