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Comfortable, functional, stylish, handmade barefoot shoes.

If you want a comfortable pair of running shoes, Mary Janes, mens shoes or the most adorable kids shoes around, go and look at what these guys make. Not a huge range, but they have a custom made option, so you can choose the colours you want.
Well made – handmade in Oregon – with formaldehyde free leather or vegan options, these are quality shoes.

I’ve had my black leather Ramblers for more than 12 months now. I wear them most days at home, around the garden (watering and all), plus out shopping (with jeans they look like pretty standard boots) and walking the dog/bushwalking/along the Avon (pebbly walking). I spent two weeks camping in Mudgee in them, everyday, in frost and dust and up and down hills. They looked pretty scruffy by the end of the trip but a clean up and they’re good as new.
The sheepskin lining has molded to fit my feet and worn a little, oddly only on the right heel – the left is in excellent condition. The soles are still good, some signs of wear, but nothing close to holes or splitting. Pretty darn good for 12 months of near constant use!

I’m about to order my first pair of Merry Janes, in black to start, then maybe burgundy or red once I’m sure of the size. I have a pair of leather moccasins as well, in a size up from the ramblers. Love them both.

Postage to Australia is/was a reasonable $14, comparable to an online shop here. Service is fast and friendly – have a look at the customer photo pages too.

Excellent quality, so comfortable you can wear them all day, perfect for kids plus older people who might be having circulation issues and/or trouble lacing conventional sneakers. Perfect for anyone really, but I’m ordering my father in law a pair of Ramblers when I get my Merry Janes for those reasons.


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